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Ordering Prescription Drugs Online: There is so much information on the internet about ordering prescription drugs from online pharmacies that it is difficult to distinguish good information from bad. There are several things to consider and here it is summarized:

  • There are legitimate reasons for buying prescription drugs online
  • Only buy prescription drugs from online pharmacies with a good reputation
  • Before you buy or use any prescription medication, consult with your doctor
  • Do not ever send cash to anyone. Use a credit card or e-check
  • Do not* order vicodin, oxycodone, adderall, etc. online
  • Check an online pharmacies reviews and feedback before ordering

  • If you live in the US and you want the official information about buying medicine online, visit FDA's website.

    When should I order prescription drugs online?
    Insurance The lack of medical insurance is an obvious reason. But the fact is that insurance companies do not always cover the prescriptions that your doctor gives you. In this case, you have a prescription but not hundreds of dollars per month to afford to fill it at your local pharmacy. The generic of the exact same medication might be available online for a fraction of the price.
    Lower Cost Even if insurance companies agree to pay for certain prescription, you might actually save money by ordering online. This would depend on your exact co-pays for doctor visits and prescription coverage. To give an example, you might pay a co-pay for each 30 day supply of your prescription. Over time, you will have spent a substantial amount of money and time to keep your medicine stocked. It is often more cost effective to order the medication online.
    Convenience Once your doctor has prescribed you a drug, you must fill the prescription at a local pharmacy, call for refills, pay for insurance co-pays. This can be inconvenient and annoying. It is much easier to spent a few minutes to order the prescription online and have it arrive at your door in a few days.

    Online Pharmacy Website Location Fee Reviews
    1ConsultDirect.com http://www.1ConsultDirect.com/ domestic $170.00 1 Reviews
    1HealthRx http://www.1healthrx.com/ domestic $100.00 6 Reviews
    1Meds http://www.1meds.com international $0.00 1 Reviews
    1Meds http://www.1meds.com/ international $0.00 0 Reviews
    1stClassCare.net http://www.1stClassCare.net/ domestic $200.00 0 Reviews
    80DollarConsults http://www.80dollarconsults.com/ domestic $80.00 8 Reviews
    AAAPainSolutions http://www.AAAPainSolutions.com/ domestic $175.00 2 Reviews
    AbsoluteMedicalSolutions http://www.AbsoluteMedicalSolutions.com/ domestic $195.00 0 Reviews
    AcMedicalGroup http://www.AcMedicalGroup.com/ domestic $180.00 0 Reviews
    Adv-Care http://www.adv-care.com/ canada $0.00 1 Reviews
    Advance Medical Health http://www.advancemedicalhealth.com domestic $89.99 7 Reviews
    AirSealed http://www.airsealed.com/ international $0.00 3 Reviews
    AllMedsStore http://www.allmedsstore.com/ international $0.00 5 Reviews
    Anxiety-Drugs.Net http://www.anxiety-drugs.net/ international $0.00 8 Reviews
    AuraPharm http://www.aurapharm.com/ international $0.00 1 Reviews
    Biotran - Biomagic http://www.biotran.co.uk international $0.00 5 Reviews
    Canadacheaprx http://www.canadacheaprx.com/ canada $0.00 0 Reviews
    Canadadrugs.com http://www.canadadrugs.com/ canada $0.00 8 Reviews
    Canadameds.com http://www.canadameds.com/ canada $0.00 41 Reviews
    ChatCp http://www.ChatCp.com/ domestic $200.00 0 Reviews
    Clearchoiceconsults.com http://www.Clearchoiceconsults.com/ domestic $150.00 0 Reviews
    Clickdrugstore http://www.clickdrugstore.com international $0.00 0 Reviews
    Consults4Less http://www.Consults4Less.com/ domestic $120.00 0 Reviews
    ConsultsDirect.net http://www.ConsultsDirect.net/ domestic $120.00 0 Reviews
    Destinyrx http://www.destinyrx.com international $0.00 0 Reviews
    Dispensary Meds http://www.dispensarymeds.com/ international $0.00 4 Reviews
    Doctorscripts http://www.doctorscripts.com domestic $0.00 1 Reviews
    Doctorsforpatients http://www.doctorsforpatients.com domestic $95.99 3 Reviews
    DoctorsonDemand http://www.DoctorsonDemand.com/ domestic $169.00 0 Reviews
    E-RxNow http://www.e-rxnow.com/ domestic $60 3 Reviews
    Easy MD http://www.easy.md/ international $0.00 6 Reviews
    ERMeds.com http://www.ermeds.com domestic $120.00 4 Reviews
    ExactDrugs http://www.exactdrugs.com international $0.00 0 Reviews
    Face to Face Doctor http://www.f2fdoc.com/ domestic $299.00 1 Reviews
    Farmacia Rapida http://www.farmaciarapida.com domestic $0.00 1 Reviews
    Farmakos http://www.farmakos.com international $0.00 0 Reviews
    Feelbest http://www.feelbest.com/ canada $0.00 2 Reviews
    Freedom-Pharmacy.com http://www.Freedom-Pharmacy.com/ international $0.00 8 Reviews
    Friendlyclinic http://www.friendlyclinic.com domestic $0.00 5 Reviews
    GetPharma http://www.getpharma.com international $0.00 2 Reviews
    Healthcarepharma http://www.healthcarepharma.com international $0.00 0 Reviews
    Healthpluspharmacy http://www.healthpluspharmacy.com international $0.00 1 Reviews
    Healthychoicepharmacy http://www.healthychoicepharmacy.com international $0.00 0 Reviews
    Horizon Medical Care http://www.horizonmedicalcare.com/ domestic $150.00 0 Reviews
    I-Medsource http://www.i-medsource.com/ domestic $120.00 15 Reviews
    Indianmeds4u http://indianmeds4u.com international $0.00 10 Reviews
    ListofPainKillers.com http://www.listofpainkillers.com/ international $0.00 4 Reviews
    Mailpharma http://www.mailpharma.com international $0.00 15 Reviews
    MastersMarketing http://www.mastersmarketing.com/ international $0.00 4 Reviews
    Medicine Express http://medicineexpress.co.nz international $0.00 0 Reviews
    Medscorp http://www.medscorp.com international $0.00 3 Reviews
    MedsMex http://www.medsmex.com international $0.00 17 Reviews
    Muscle-Relaxers.Net http://www.muscle-relaxers.net/ international $0.00 4 Reviews
    MyCareServices http://www.mycareservices.com domestic $120.00 8 Reviews
    MyEasyConsult http://www.MyEasyConsult.com/ domestic $175.00 0 Reviews
    MyRxNow http://www.myrxnow.com/ domestic $0.00 1 Reviews
    MyWeCareRx http://www.MyWeCareRx.com/ domestic $130.00 3 Reviews
    National Network for Chronic Pain http://www.nncip.com/ domestic $299.00 1 Reviews
    NationWidepills http://www.nationwidepills.com domestic $125.00 4 Reviews
    New American Pharmacy http://www.newamericanpharmacy.com/ domestic $0.00 0 Reviews
    Nurofenplus http://www.nurofenplus.com/ international $0.00 0 Reviews
    Online-drugs-no-prescription.com http://www.online-drugs-no-prescription.com/ domestic $0.00 4 Reviews
    OnlineConsultationService http://www.onlineconsultationservice.com domestic $0.00 4 Reviews
    OnlineDoctorsUsa.com http://www.OnlineDoctorsUsa.com/ domestic $200.00 0 Reviews
    Onlinesolution4u.com http://www.onlinesolution4u.com international $0.00 23 Reviews
    OtnGroup http://www.OtnGroup.com/ domestic $169.00 1 Reviews
    PharmacityUSA http://www.pharmacityusa.com/ international $0.00 1 Reviews
    Pharmacy.ca http://www.pharmacy.ca/home.shtml canada $0.00 0 Reviews
    Pharmacydiscounter http://www.pharmacydiscounter.com international $0.00 2 Reviews
    Pharmacygeoff http://www.pharmacygeoff.com international $0.00 2 Reviews
    Phone Consultation http://www.phoneconsultation.com domestic $175.00 5 Reviews
    Planetdrugsdirect http://www.planetdrugsdirect.com/ canada $0.00 4 Reviews
    Professional Pain Management http://www.ppmmd.com/ domestic $300.00 0 Reviews
    ProPatientCare.com http://www.ProPatientCare.com/ domestic $99.00 0 Reviews
    Real Time Remedies http://www.realtimeremedies.com domestic $129.00 0 Reviews
    RX Vogue http://www.rxvogue.com/ international $0.00 9 Reviews
    Rx2world http://www.rx2world.com international $0.00 2 Reviews
    RxMesa http://www.RxMesa.com/ domestic $169.00 1 Reviews
    RxPuraVida http://www.rxpuravida.com international $0.00 11 Reviews
    RxScriptOnline http://www.rxscriptonline.com domestic $125.00 10 Reviews
    SecureUsMeds http://www.SecureUsMeds.com/ domestic $60.00 0 Reviews
    Sleep-Drugs.org http://www.sleepdrugs.org/ international $0.00 0 Reviews
    Southwest Medical Group http://www.southwestmedicalgroup.com domestic $115.00 3 Reviews
    SpecialValueServices http://www.specialvalueservices.com domestic $120.00 8 Reviews
    Squaremeds http://www.squaremeds.com international $0.00 2 Reviews
    Starlite Pharmacy http://www.starlitepharmacy.com international $0.00 5 Reviews
    StarliteRx http://www.StarliteRx.com/ international $0.00 37 Reviews
    Thecanadiandrugstore.com http://www.tcds.com/ canada $0.00 0 Reviews
    TodoFarmacia http://www.todofarmacia.com international $0.00 0 Reviews
    TopRxSavings http://www.toprxsavings.com/ international $0.00 2 Reviews
    Trustedmeds http://www.trustedmeds.com international $0.00 4 Reviews
    Ultramadol http://www.ultramadol.com domestic $0.00 0 Reviews
    United Pharmacies http://www.unitedpharmacies.com international $0.00 2 Reviews
    Usa Prescription http://www.usaprescription.com domestic $0.00 0 Reviews
    WebMedstoGo http://webmedstogo.com/cms/index.php domestic $158.00 0 Reviews
    WholeSale- Pharmacy http://www.wholesale-pharmacy.com/ international $0.00 5 Reviews